plaque-photoThe PLH Group mission statement is about more than spreading safety, professionalism, integrity and teamwork — although, with core values like “Safety is fundamental to the way we work and live” and “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one else is looking ” it’s hard not to take notice.

There are quite a few utility construction companies in North America, but PLH Group’s mission sets itself apart with a values statement that goes beyond most. The Safety mission is so much more than a statement, as members of the OSHA Partnership, PLH Group standards are higher. In addition, every company meeting starts with a safety moment, this is perhaps a little unexpected, unless you work for PLH Group. Pictured below is Alicia Rivera from TESSCO Energy, proudly displaying the values plaque. “To work for such a prestigious company that has great core values is truly an honor,” said Alicia.

Placed at the entrance of TESSCO Energy Services Regional Headquarters, for employees and visitors to see, it is a great reminder of the PLH Group Core Values.