Apprenticeship graduates from PLH Group companies TESSCO Energy, Sun Electric, Air2 and Power Line Services.

TESSCO Energy celebrated the completion of the classroom portion for two Linemen who are working towards their Journeyman Certification. This is part of a rigorous four- year Apprenticeship Program through parent company PLH Group in conjunction with the Department of Labor (DOL). The second part, soon to be completed is the on-the-job training segment. TESSCO employees have the opportunity to participate in the Apprenticeship Program, allowing them to earn while they learn and advance their careers. Joining other Journeyman Candidates from sister companies-, Air2, LLC;, Sun Electric; and Power Line Services– there were many in attendance to honor this career milestone.

Family made the difference, admitted one of the newly minted classroom graduates, when asked how he pushed through 576 hours of class time. His wife and children were his pillars of support along with a team of “cheerleaders” at parent company PLH Group. The Apprenticeship support team is led by Kathy Williamson, Director of Apprenticeships, who helps every Apprentice track his hours and register for Northwest Lineman College classes.

The specific on-the-job training for TESSCO Energy Journeymen Candidates includes 8,000 hours of high voltage and primary distribution line construction and maintenance, transformer bank construction and repair, power system analysis, programmable logic controllers, substation repair and maintenance, rigging, line splicing and crew leadership. All training includes safety procedures for every aspect of working around power systems. Once the on-the-job hours are completed, another round of celebrations is on the horizon!

“Knowing what it takes to get through this rigorous Apprenticeship Program and supporting these superstars is truly an honor,” commented Kathy Williamson.

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